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The beach of Metalleia is a unique natural phenomenon. The contrast of white sand with black metal that covers the land around is an experience you should definitely live. The water temperature is quite low, a fact that will certainly not deter keen swimmers, but those of you who do not wish to get wet you can cool off with cocktails or shots at the beach bar. There is an outdoor art exhibition and within walking distance is the “Palataki” and the chapel of St. Nikolaos. Metalleia is a mix of beauty, art, history and adventure. Do not omit to explore the underground caves formed at the edge of the beach.

The homonymous beach of the village of Limenaria is located on the southern side of the island.
An infinite long and wide beach lies at the entrance of the village of Limenaria. Sandy with few rocks in places.
Crystal clear waters, shallow at certain places deep in others, safe for children.
Well-organized with umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, water sports, taverns and cafes nearby.
A long and quiet beach ideal for strolling by the sea, within walking distance from the village center.

It is an extension of the beach of Limenaria. It is located 3 km before the entrance of the village of Limenaria.
A long and wide beach with pebbles, gravel and sand.
Crystal clear deep waters with rocks. Well-organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, a beach bar and a tavern.
It is located at the end of a downhill road where in recent years hotel facilities are continually being built. If you happen to visit this beach, dare to explore the caves formed by the rocks at the back side of the beach.