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The visitors of Thassos can go horse riding either by themselves or with a professional guide. Children can also try horse riding. You can also go for a ride with horses of the Equestrian Club of Thassos and attend riding lessons with trained instructors.

Hiking on Thassos is a great way to explore the island’s unknown face. Thassos is not just a sunny place with beautiful beaches. Thassos is an island where you can do anything. One of those is hiking. There are wonderful trails where you will discover why Thassos fascinates its visitors. Typical hiking routes:
1. Climbing to the top of mount Ipsarion.
2. A great hiking route starts from the Monastery of Michael Archangel towards Theologos with a duration of approximately 3 hours.
3. Equally interesting is the hiking route from Alykes towards Theologos and vice versa.
4. From the settlement of Potamia starting from the camp starts a very interesting route through the dense primitive forest consisting of huge platanus, chestnut trees and pines.

Cycling is considered as one of the most popular sports activities in the world. A special characteristic of cycling is its ability to meet several different requirements such as transport, athletic exercise and entertainment. Thassos is an ideal place for outdoor activities! In recent years, every spring (May 1st), mountain cycling races MTB road races are organized in Thassos. There are no prerequisites for participation. A symbolic participation fee is required though.

In terms of petrography conditions, Thassos belongs to the crystalline schist massif of Rhodope. The mountainous areas are dominated by metamorphic, crystalline and micaceous limestones. At lower heights and mainly towards the sea, dominate deposits of marls, sand and conglomerate rocks. The soils are residuals, a product of weathering of primary bedrocks. Their depth varies, though shallow soils prevail and as far as the composition is concerned the sandy clay soil.
Within these climate-soil environments are hosted diverse plant species and vegetation rich in quantity. “Hδε δ' ώστε όνου ράχις έστηκεν ύλης αγρίης επιστεφής” sang about Thassos the poet Archilohus in the 7th century BC. The name of Thassos is mentioned that is etymologically related to the word “forest” (dasos in Greek). The forests from ancient times were one of the main resources of the island. The melliferous fluid from the pine trees and the flowers of arbutus, vitex agnus-castus, myrtle, oregano and other species were rich food for the hives of the region and the mainland.
Moreover, in Thassos you will find Kentrodasos of a few hundred acres, which lies at the region from Theologos to Kastro and Ipsario. At Ipsario apart from the firs there is a variety of a rare tree called Itamos (taxus baccata), known as a fir but also as Karkaria. This tree is toxic and poisonous. The age of the trees in this specific area is greater than 2000 years (perennials).

Some of the activities favored in Thassos are hunting as well as bird watching. The hunting season begins according to the decree of the Ministry of Agriculture by the 20th of August 2010 until the 28th of February 2011. Across the island, the hunting of hares, partridges, woodcocks, wood-pigeons and especially in the southern coast of the island the hunting of the migratory quails is allowed.

The abundance of marine life will delight those who love fishing.
Aspiring anglers can try their luck in rod-fishing or fishing-line anywhere in Thassos, where there are so many beautiful beaches with rocks around them to help the job of the fishermen. Some of the most commonly caught fish are mullets, sea breams, groupers, red snappers, lobsters, whitebait, horse mackerels, octopus, etc.

Those who love water sports will surely find what they seek for on Thassos Island.
On the well-organized beaches of Thassos, operate water sports companies with specialization, extensive experience and well-equipped. They will help you learn water skiing, make flights over the deep blue waters of Thassos with parachute and test your skills in other “inflatable toys” available, such as fly-fish, tubes, banana, crazy-sofa, big mable, etc., all day long, within an environment that complies with all safety standards.

The clean sea and calm water make Thassos ideal for scuba diving.
Apart from the beauty of the land Thassos has a magnificent seabed which you can explore with the help of the diving centers available in Thassos, mainly in Pefkari, Potos, Psili Ammos and Makryammos. All diving centers have qualified staff with long experience and possess the necessary equipment.
You will also pass through a shipwreck, which according to the legend was wrecked during the war with the Turks and it will make you feel like a hero coming from a historical novel dating back to the early 20th century. Professional divers, alumni – members of the international organization of PADI (the principal diploma given to the level of Master ScubaDiver Rating) guarantee a safe and exciting diving experience.

On Thassos there are small boats that tour around the island and show the tourists the hidden and beautiful corners of the island. Sea excursions are also organized by local boats. During your trip you get to know the beaches of Thassos and get a glimpse of magnificent creatures such as dolphins and sea turtles.

At Potos and Limenas of Thassos there is a karting venue for all ages, so that adults can feel like kids again and for kids to have fun.

For those who wish to get their adrenaline pumping during their vacation, we suggest they should try driving routes with four-wheel vehicles on dirt roads through forests and places not accessible by a conventional car. (JEEP SAFARI).
Mountain safari is a great opportunity to go deep into the island, where at open space hidden from human eyes you can enjoy the outstanding view.

A unique feeling can be offered by renting of yachts. You can rent a boat and enjoy the beautiful Aegean Sea…

Thassos could not be have been lacking lively nightlife. And how indeed could nightlife be absent from the island of … fun, dance and music.
Thassos offers pleasant night walks and unexpected discoveries.
The sunset … boasts “night appetites” literally and metaphorically.
That is why owners in Limenaria of Thassos care for their restaurants which provide Greek and foreign cuisine. The picturesque taverns and ouzo bars are scattered in every corner of the village and cafes and bars are ready to satisfy the most demanding visitor.